Saturday, December 4, 2010

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HOT Holiday Cover and Trailer!

Coming to Siren Classic's Holiday Collection on December 13, 2010!


Holidays bite for Stephanie Mars…and this season, a dangerously sexy vampire will take that dilemma to an erotic new level.

Stephanie’s annual holiday trip turns near-fatal when an accident sends her plunging into an icy creek. When she regains consciousness, she finds herself in a cabin with her dangerously sexy, muscled rescuer. Despite her injuries and the frigid storm outside, fantasies about her erotic hero fire her imagination…especially when he seems to feel the attraction, too. Still, there are some odd facts about this almost-perfect man that don’t add up—facts that point to an impossible and frightening conclusion. The man of her dreams is a vampire, in the midst of a self-imposed exile during the annual blood cravings that plague him each December. Can she escape his urges and her own desires before his animal nature gets the better of them both?


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