Monday, December 13, 2010

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Today! HOLIDAYS BITE-and Guest Blogging at Harris Channing's!

Just in time to heat up your winter holidays!

HOLIDAYS BITE by J. Rose Allister
Siren Classic/Holiday Collection
Erotic Romance/Vampire


What goes together more naturally than vampires and Christmas?

When an annual holiday tradition turns into a near-fatal accident, Stephanie regains consciousness to find herself alone in a cabin with her rescuer--a man who is gorgeous, dangerously sexy...and undead.

Despite the winter storm and her injuries, she knows she should run. So why does she keep winding up in the powerful, seductive embrace of the vampire who has exiled himself from humans to avoid his worst time of year for temptation?


I'm blogging over at Harris Channing today with a spicy excerpt from this book! Check it out HERE! (edit: no longer available. For excerpt, visit the BUY NOW link above!)


  1. So hot and intense, I love it, I'm a reviewer at Book Eternity and would love to review your book if you want .
    let me know at

    I'm also your newest follower,
    thanks for following also.
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