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PETER AND THE WOLF By J. Rose Allister
Siren-Bookstrand ManLove Classic
MM | Erotic | Paranormal (Shifter)
Anal Sex


Peter is eager to win a coveted job at Wellington Enterprises. When he catches the eye of the sexy, yet dangerous heir to the empire, Jarred Wellington, he gets a far different position than he imagined--as mate to a man with a full moon secret. There is a price to pay for the passion between them, however, including secrets Peter must be willing to accept as well--even about himself.


“Open the door, Peter,” Jarred said.

Another low rumble began in his throat, and Peter cleared it rapidly to push it back down. “Not now.”

“You can’t stay locked in there forever.”

Picturing Jarred standing just a couple feet away, with his immaculate suit and sexy as hell face, became something of a mistake. With that image in mind, Peter very much wanted to open the door, all right. He wanted to yank the man in right by his tie and use it to restrain him while he did things to him in the stall that would sully his suit and his reputation forever.

He covered his head with his hands and tried to suppress the urge to claw the door right off its hinges and fuck the man standing behind it.

“Peter,” he heard, and the voice was decidedly lower and more animal. “Open the goddamn door, or I’ll do it for you.”

“Please,” he said, his voice muffled in his hands. “You don’t want to do that.”

“Like hell I don’t.”

The challenge in Jarred’s insistence sparked something in Peter, a sort of rage combined with the need to dominate. How or why he wasn’t certain, but the lowly new hire was ready to burst with the wild urge to take charge of the heir to Wellington Enterprises.

He yanked open the stall door to find Jarred’s eyes wide in shock and glowing with the same fire Peter felt, and they stared at one another for a long and heavily weighted moment. Then Jarred pressed himself into the stall right along with Peter. He took hold of the edges of Peter’s suit.

“How the hell is this happening to you?” he asked.

“I have no idea what you mean,” Peter said, trembling harder. “But I do know this.”

One motion from his arm swept Jarred’s hand off him with ease, and what was meant to be a small shove backward sent Jarred off his feet, flying back through the air. Peter watched in stunned fascination as the man soared away and hit the mirror, which cracked in a spider web pattern before Jarred landed with his ass seated on the counter.

The logical human inside Peter knew that he’d likely just cost himself his new job, and that he should be groveling in horror for mercy while he freaked out over this sudden burst of insanity and strength. The problem was, Peter wasn’t feeling like a logical human at the moment. He was possessed by something else.

He stalked forward smoothly, stopping right in front of where Jarred sat staring at him from the counter. What the hell. If Peter was already damned, he might as well go out with all barrels firing.

“And one other thing,” Peter said. “About that so-called handshake of yours yesterday.”

He grabbed Jarred’s chin and pressed their lips together. Something feral snarled deep inside him, and he thrust his tongue deep in the man’s mouth. Jarred stiffened, but growled in return, and shockwaves of lust coursed through Peter when the man’s tongue joined in a violent, needful dance.

Then Jarred, whose eyes were almost ablaze now, grabbed a hold of Peter and shot off the counter. With a swift move, Peter was across the room and against the bathroom wall. He felt—and heard—the drywall give way under the force of his weight being flung against it, but there was no pain. Just desire. God, how hard his cock was, and he was dying to show Jarred just how much.

Jarred stalked up to him, threaded his hands into Peter’s hair, and shoved him onto his knees. “You need to simmer the fuck down,” he said.

Peter found himself facing a nice bulge that was evident behind the fly that Jarred’s unbuttoned suit jacket failed to hide, and he licked his lips. “Tempting,” he said with a smile, but he started lowering his own zipper. “Although I had the exact opposite position in mind.”

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