Saturday, March 23, 2013

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Locks of Love-Stylin' Saturday

On select Saturdays I post fun hairstyles my daughter and I find online and recreate at home.

Well Bri finally got her wish...we chopped her ponytail off! After growing her hair out for a year to donate to Locks of Love, we managed to cut 12 inches and still leave her with a not-too-short bob hairstyle that looks just adorable on her. Here's a few shots we snapped of the process:
I put elastics in her hair, one just below the point where I would cut it, plus one near the bottom to keep the donated hair neat

Chop, chop! She looks slightly shell-shocked to have her 12-inch ponytail in hand!

A little neatening up of the ends and voila! A darling bob.

Bri was so funny about this. She kept going back and forth between missing her hair and saying, "What have I done?" to spinning around laughing and saying, "I LOVE it!!"  If you ever saw the scene in Tangled where Rapunzel is flip-flopping between "Best day ever!" and "I'm the worst daughter in the world," that's exactly how the first twenty minutes post-haircut went. I had some trepidation about cutting off her long, silky hair, but she wanted it short and it was for a good cause! The final verdict: the new style is a big hit. She loves it and Mike and I think it suits her well!

If you aren't familiar with Locks of Love, it is an organization that helps provide hairpieces to children with certain types of hair loss, such as those suffering from alopecia or undergoing cancer treatment. For more information on donating, visit

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