Saturday, March 9, 2013

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Carousel Braids and a Twist!-Stylin' Saturday

On select Saturdays I post fun hairstyles my daughter and I recreated off YouTube (or Pinterest).

Between Bri's awful cold/double ear infection and my hard drive crash, we still haven't gotten back into the swing of posting videos. However, we did play around with some hairstyles this week, so I thought I'd post a few shots I took of the finished products.

 This carousel lace braid was fun to do and only took a few minutes, which was helpful when Bri wasn't feeling well enough to sit patiently through getting her hair dolled up.

 This spiral ponytail has quickly become a favorite of mine because it's fast, easy, and gets a lot of compliments. It's simple to do on myself as well as on Bri. Also, if this style is done on damp hair spiraled over a headband until all hair is used, it can be slept on overnight to produce some really cute wavy curls.

This braid goes one way, then curves back the other direction. It was super fun to make and looked really pretty. I wore a version of it to work (but I couldn't get the braid to change direction on the back of my own head so it hung down the right side), and I got more compliments on it than any of the others I've tried on myself thus far.

Bri has been begging me to cut her hair, and I think this weekend we'll finally settle on a style and go for it. She wants it pretty short, so we'll see how that plays out with doing fancy braid styles like these. Wish us luck!

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