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Intimacy -Guest Jane Livingston

From time to time I host special guests on my blog. Today I welcome Jane Livingston, who is here during her One With the Wind book tour to talk about intimacy and share a special giveaway! (See Rafflecopter below for entry/details.)

Jane Livingston

Intimacy is defined as a physical attachment or sexual relationship, or an emotional connection with another person or persons. If we think about, we can even be mentally and spiritually intimate with people as well. Intimacy is more than physical and emotional bond between lovers; it is a relationship with us, our family, friends and the world.

How many people who are physically intimate today are actually emotionally, mentally and spiritually intimate? In a culture where we place so much emphasis on sex and romance, how deep is our human connection? Does our intimacy run skin deep or skim the other’s emotional surfaces? Is our emotional intimacy bought with romantic cards, or portrayed with pretty pictures?

It is emotional intimacies that last the longest. Emotional intimacies can strike quickly with an honest, open-hearted conversation that turn immediately into a deep connection between people. Once emotionally connected on a personal level of compassion and understanding of another’s deep and inner workings, it is hard to disconnect. That connection will always be a part of you, whereas physically intimacies can easily pass with, well…the washing of our sheets.

True emotional intimacy starts with us – a deep, compassionate understanding of ourselves. When we understand our own emotions and feelings (and have control of them) we can have a deep, intimate relationship with another.

One With the Wind
By Jane Livingston
Romantic/Erotic Comedy

What starts as a crush can become one’s love of a lifetime. It is the fantasy that transcends all others—the one perfect love.

Tomboy Josie Hynes has admired Nick Markovich from afar for years, but it isn’t until her senior year in high school do they finally meet. At first Josie is put off by Nick’s brutal honesty and his offbeat sense of humor, but it is their physical attraction she cannot deny. Nick and Josie stumble into a passionate love affair with a connection so strong, separation is unbearable. Throughout the years, Together become one—one with the good times and the bad, one with happiness and sadness, one with laughter and tears, one with sickness and health — one with the wind.

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