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Knight in Dented Armor -Book Hooks

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I'm excited to be part of a brand new blog hop feature for the new year! On select Wednesdays starting today, get hooked with short but sweet snippets of romance tales you'll want to put straight onto your TBRN (To Be Read NOW!) list.

This week's book hook:

by Lisa Logan


Glory watched Trenton disappear into the crowd. Like it or not, involving herself with a man who was not only way out of her league, but who kicked up the very demons she’d tried to bury, would not help her achieve the future she wanted. Her dashing knight had a dent in his armor she couldn’t afford to ignore, no matter how he made her feel when they touched.
Or when he kissed her.
Throwing nervous glances to make sure he wouldn’t spot her, she stole through the crowds who’d turned the ballroom into a writhing jungle of social aspiration. She left the restaurant intent on finding a way back to her car and her so-called normal life.
“Goodbye, Trenton Dane,” she whispered.

About Visions:
Trenton Dane is researching his next role when he bumps into a beautiful stranger—and suddenly develops psychic powers. Glory Windsor is a psychic intent on losing her “gift”, along with the painful consequences it has caused.

Trenton must come to grips with his strange new power and launch a search for the woman who haunts his dreams. He must succeed to not only fulfill his steamy premonitions of their future, but to save Glory and her child from certain danger. He will fail in one of these tasks, but which? Finding a Hollywood happy ending will prove the most challenging role he’s ever undertaken. 

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