Sunday, January 19, 2014

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The Cat's Meow -Snippet Sunday

~~Warning: Adult Content~~

On Sundays, I share tidbits of my works in progress as part of Weekend Warrior’s 8-Sentence Sunday

This week's snippet is from book 6 of my LONE WOLVES OF SHAY FALLS series, which I've been doing final edits on before sending it to the publisher.

I decided to go back and revise the story to include a pet cat.  It reveals something about Lana's character that she's willing to take a cat on the run from a killer. She also talks to herself a lot, and I thought it would be more fun if she's talking to her cat instead. Finally, the animal adds moments of humor as well as heightened tension.
 Here's a snippet with Sage, the precocious feline who has a rather unsurprising reaction to meeting a werewolf...

Lana lifted the cage to peer inside. “Calm down now, its all right.” Still, animals had keen senses, and the fact that Sage hated Jayson could be more of a red flag than a cat taking exception to a human who sprouted a tail and claws.
Jayson stepped forward, and Sage responded by spitting and hissing. He knelt down to peer at the brown-and-white striped cat through the thin wire bars. “I ain’t surprised he don’t like me, since most animals don’t take to my kind.”
Sage proved it, too, by letting out an obnoxious howl. She shoved curved claws briefly through the bars to bat at him before flattening herself in the back corner.

What do you think about including pets in a story?

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  1. lol. Sage certainly isn't working in Jayson's favor! I like the addition :)

  2. I like the cat's reaction. I think it sounds like a very good addition to the story:)

  3. I enjoyed the snippet, very catlike. I think you have good reasons for adding the cat so it works for me.

  4. Animals can tell a lot about their people. I hope Sage can come to terms with a werewolf. (My werewolf has a Siamese cat as a pet.)

  5. I can see how werewolves wouldn't smell like anything a cat would want to share space with.

    Talking to a cat is way less crazy than talking to yourself. ;)

  6. Excellent description, J. Rose! I could see it, I could hear it. Nicely done! :-)


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