Tuesday, October 11, 2016

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Mouth-Watering Microwave Monkey Bread

It's Too Yummy Tuesday!

On select Tuesdays I share delicious recipes either inspired by my books or that are just plain delicious!

There are days when I hanker for the smell of something great baking, but I don't have the time to accomplish that feat. Burning a nice scented candle can help, but that doesn't satisfy the taste buds! So for days like these, a two-minute batch of monkey bread is ideal.

I've been serving this since the kids were little, and it was as easy for them to learn to make as it was for them to eat! Monkey bread doesn't last long, but it smells great and tastes even better.  Try it substituting some of the butter with coconut oil and organic maple syrup for the sugar. You're welcome. :)

Mouth-Watering Microwave Monkey Bread


3 Tbsp. butter (or 1/2 butter, 1/2 coconut oil)
1/3 c. brown sugar (or maple syrup)
1 Tbsp. water
1 tsp. cinnamon
Optional: 1/3 cup raisins or chopped nuts
1 can refrigerator biscuits (the round kind, not croissants)


Melt together everything except biscuits in a glass pie plate in the microwave. Sprinkle the nuts/raisins evenly around the bottom if using. Cut each section of biscuit dough into quarters. Lay on top of butter mixture in pan. Cook about 2 1/2 minutes on high until dough is baked. (They don't brown, so watch carefully. If they overcook, they get tough.)

Let cool a couple minutes before eating, if you can stand it. If not, have some cold milk standing by.

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