Thursday, February 28, 2013

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Chocolate Peanut Butter with only 1 Gram Fat!

Whew! After my Monday morning began with a hard drive crash, I'm up and running again with a new laptop (and Windows 8, which I'm trying to get used to). As promised earlier in the week, since I missed out on posting my Too Yummy Tuesday feature, I have a great new yummy treat to share  called PB2. It's DRY peanut butter. No, not as in it REALLY sticks to the roof of your mouth, but rather it comes in powdered form. You mix it with water and presto, you've got delicious peanut butter with only 1 measly gram of fat and 45 calories per 2 Tbsp. serving! (6 grams of carbs, for those who are watching that end of things.) Here are some pics I snapped of our jar, which is the chocolate peanut butter variety:

Here's the powder out of the jar

Simply add water (less than the jar recommends for thicker PB, more to thin it)...

And there it is! Chocolate-peanut butter goodness.

OH, and because several readers have asked questions about agave nectar, while I was taking pics in the kitchen I grabbed my bottle of light agave nectar to show you what I use:
(Note how this bottle is nearly gone!) This is how I sweeten tea and other small things. It's gluten free/vegan sweetener that is made naturally from a blue agave cactus plant. Twice as sweet as sugar!

I like the PB2 on whole wheat toast/bagels, not to mention as a dip for celery and even raw baby carrots. (PB and carrots isn't a typical pairing, I'll admit, but I find it darn tasty.) That and a cup of herbal tea with agave and I'm a happy snacker.

By the way, if you looked closely at the first photo, you'll see I paid a hefty $7 for that 6.5-oz jar of chocolate PB2, but I saw the plain variety on Amazon for $4.60. Here's a link: . OR here to get both plain and chocolate varieties for $9.85:

 If you try it out, let me know how it goes!

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