Monday, February 4, 2013

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Brains, Anyone?

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On Mondays I gab about, well, pretty much whatever!

Just call me scatterbrained this week! I’ve been jumping around to so many different things that I apparently can’t keep things straight. It was the kind of week where I’d sit down to do one thing, and then remember I was also in the middle of something else. In the process of writing this blog, I stopped to do four other things. I partially blame the fact that I’ve been deliberately weaning myself off caffeine.

In the process, I managed to lose the thumb drive that is always stuffed into my laptop so I can back up my books and other important documents. It’s driving me crazy, since I almost vaguely recall pulling it out of the port for Some_Random_Reason that I can’t for the life of me remember. I also lost—and found again once it no longer mattered—my micro-to-SD card adapter. And I managed to forget the password to Bri’s new YouTube channel 3 times...and YouTube won’t send reminders, just reset requests. Then they wouldn’t let me use a password I’ve ever used before, making it even more certain I’ll forget the next one. Guess what? I vowed to jot the password down this time, and after the fact promptly found where I’d done the same thing last time and then forgot I’d done it. Ugh! Someone be a dove and get me a new brain STAT, ‘k? Thanks. Good grief.

Since I’ve been so busy flitting about, I’m a couple weeks behind on my shows. So naturally I managed to accidentally stumble over a major spoiler about Downton Abbey, as Yahoo decided to make it a news headline. Grr. I hate that!!

Despite my GLoB (General Lack of Brain), I got through most of last week’s ToDo list. Two book contracts were signed and put to bed. I also managed to get the current chapter of BOUND TO HER MASTER finished, and I'm 1/3 of the way through the next one. Mike finally got a new computer (cue applause), which lets him make hand gestures in the air to navigate and open links, etc. Weird-cool! Computer HUDs for home use aren't far away, I'm sure. 

In cheery news, we got Bri’s vlog posted, and she got surprised with Disney passes this last week. She had a fun trip with Dad on Superbowl Sunday. (Yours Truly had to work that day.) The only thing I didn’t finish from last week’s list was Mike’s video short, although I did get a couple FX shots done on it.

Well, THIS week I'm hoping to get in another chapter or two on the WIP, post two videos for Bri's vlog, and at least pretend like I'm making headway on Mike's video short. And at some point I want to catch up with my shows before I find out any more spoilers I don't want to hear!

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