Monday, February 11, 2013

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TV Shows Recap and What's Up

Happy Valentine's Week!

On Mondays I gab about, well, pretty much whatever I want...

The wind is blowing like crazy here in Southern California where I live, the kind of wind that makes me wonder how much of my patio will still be there afterward. It'd be a great day to stay home and cuddle up with a blanket, some warm tea, and a good book, but alas, I'm headed in to work in a few hours.

I caught up again with Downton Abbey, except I still have yet to watch last night's episode. Ugh! I mentioned last week that I'd heard a major spoiler about it, which definitely took the edge off the two episodes I'd missed. Still, all the acting was so good it still made me tear up. Thomas's reaction was the biggest surprise. They go and make him sympathetic right as O'Brien is setting him up for an ugly fall. Figures. And I have to wonder what will happen with the baby. And for Vampire Diaries fans, do we think Silas is about to become next season's super villain? Will Elena still be a vampire by the end of the season? The show diverts so much from the books that one never knows what direction they'll head.

The makers of TrueBlood premiered a new show called Banshee. I figured it'd be another supernatural deal, but turns out the name is derived from the small town where the drama is set. A (sexy-tough) man is barely out of prison when he is inadvertently involved in a triple murder. One of the victims had just come to town to become the new sheriff,  and with the help of a wisecracking computer-hacker-slash-drag queen, the ex-con assumes the dead man's identity and is sworn in as the new sheriff of Banshee. I wanted to like the show, I really did. I could see where they tried to toss in some interesting characters and intrigue, but for some reason I just couldn't get there.

It was a funky week with me not feeling up to snuff, and a round of antibiotics later I'm still a bit off. I didn't get Mike's new story edited since I decided to pretty much take Sunday off and just hang out with my kid. Nevertheless, I got some work done on my book, though not as much as I'd hoped since I got busy with an article and interview one of my publishers asked me to do. Tell you more about those when they go live. I worked a little on Mike's video short, and I got Bri's latest posted. If you want to see a cute reaction/ excitement over being surprised with Disney passes, check this out! And I've got her next vlog ready to upload.

This week I want to feel better! And of course log some hours on the new book, BOUND TO HER MASTER. More video edits for the family, and I need to get Mike's latest story edited. He's really jazzed about this one, called UNDER PASSION'S MOON. I love that title! And I've got to hurry and get his Valentine's Day goodies planned. Here's to a great week!

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