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Sarah Leyton Talks Writing Process

I like to share tips and insight about writing craft on my blog. Today's post is from Sarah Leyton, the author of Sharing Annabelle, who is here to talk about her writing process. 

Espresso and Moleskine
Sarah Leyton

I majored in English in college, which you can’t always tell by my grammar (or lack there of), but it did instill in me a certain writing process. I start my books by creating a journal. I have a different colored Moleskine for each book because then I have all my notes in one place, and it's small and lightweight so it can travel everywhere with me. I always begin the journal with character outlines and descriptions of the settings. From there I create a general book outline for interactions I want to happen or particular scenes I want the characters to engage in. Once I’m satisfied with the small outline I start writing some of the scenes because then I can really get a feel for my characters and how I want them to interact. Finally comes the big, detailed outline of every scene, every character and every interaction I want to include. When the outline is complete I pick and choose which scenes I’m in the mood to write and fill in the book piece by piece until it’s complete.

My writing day starts by walking into my local coffee shop and the baristas getting me my usual order and then mocking me for coming in for the millionth time that week. Then I take my coffee with a super-human amount of espresso to my usual table by the window. Then begins the procrastination. I people watch, drink my coffee and review what I’ve written and my book journal. That’s when the espresso kicks in and the mad rush of typing begins. I write until the espresso wears off and call that a good job. I don’t ever force myself to write because then it becomes a job instead of something fun that I love to do.

Sharing Annabelle
By Sarah Leyton

Annabelle Rawlings has fallen for not one but two men. When Callum McCray and Mason Webb set their sights on Annabelle, they refuse to give up until they've made her realize that she belongs to them—no matter how many times she tries to deny it. They know she has dark, kinky desires that only they can satisfy. When the guys are forced to deny their love, and hers, and push Annabelle away because of a deadly threat from their past, they doubt whether they’ll ever be able to win her back again.

About the Author

Sarah Leyton is a former para-trouper with a love of deep sea diving off the coast of Fiji and a pet coyote named Spartacus. Just kidding! If it makes you feel better she welcomes you to believe that's her life. The truth is that Sarah has spent half of her life in one-mile Kansas farm towns and the other half in bustling metropolises. This unique perspective opens up ideas for characters from all walks of life with stories that take on lives of their own.

She’s a woman who loves all books, snarky sitcoms and her tiny dog, D’Artagnan. With a perverted sense of humor and a mouth like a sailor, especially while behind the wheel of a car, she has an abiding obsession all things Hello Kitty, photography and Michael Kors. She wishes all of you, readers and writer a like, the most fulfilled life possible!

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  1. Sarah, thanks for being here today to talk about your writing process!


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