Sunday, February 9, 2014

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What Have You Done? -SnippetSunday

~~Warning: intense snippet, reference to violence~~

On Sundays, I share tidbits of my works in progress as part of Weekend Warrior’s 8-Sentence Sunday

I'm hard at work finishing up DISARMING COWBOYS, book 7 of the Lone Wolves of Shay Falls series. In this snippet, Jayel joined in a werewolf battle to help her mates and brother, despite knowing what it could cost.

Crouched under a beam of moonlight, Jayel gaped at the animal rage her mate had just unleashed. Fury and vengeance poured out of David like the blood flowing from Randall’s neck. When David raised his head to look at her, his eyes dimming to gold and blood dripping from his chin, she saw not only a wild beast, but a man who seemed desperate to take back the events of the last few seconds.
He raced toward her, dropping to his knees on one side while Jerrod made it to the other. The tang of blood overwhelming David's masculine scent was so strong that it burned her nostrils.
“What have you done?” David asked, stroking her face.
“I did what I had to,” she said. “It’s okay.”

So, what do you think?

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  1. Wow, what did she do? It seemed like he's the one that was doing something...

  2. Powerful. Great sensory details. Really wondering what just happened.

  3. Intense, terrific details. I'm on the edge of my chair, wondering what she did, is she hurt...really an excellent excerpt!

  4. On the hunt. The scent of blood and men. Very primal.

  5. I have some guesses about what she could have done, and they're not good things. Not good at all. Nice tension!

  6. Lots of great description in this snippet!


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