Wednesday, November 14, 2018

# NaNoWriMo # On Writing

NaNoWriMo 2018 Day 14: Calm Before the Storm

Daily updates about my experiences doing November's National Novel Writing Challenge.

Day 14

Progress to Date:

Favorite Line(s) Written Today: 
Tristan wound up on his belly in the dirt, hands in front of his head. Jessica sank down beside him, stroking hair from his face and patting his cheek. “Hey,” she said. “Tristan, wake up. It’s over now. “Tristan?”
He gave a low groan but didn’t say anything. She kept stroking his thick silken hair, telling him it was okay. She heard the others walking up behind her.
“You know, I think he’s milking this,” Alex said.
“Could be,” Derek replied. “I don’t remember him usually lying around quite so long after shifting back.”
“Screw you,” Tristan croaked, opening one eye to glare at them.

Daily Notes:
Maybe I should have opted to attend that write-in yesterday after all, because this post marks my lowest daily word count yet. Then again, I hear that so much writer chat was going on the nobody at the write-in got word count done either. I don't feel quite so bad. 

Also, the solar fairy lights I ordered came in from Amazon, so of course I HAD to take them outside immediately I've used them to light the two small, flocked trees that will sit on either side of the park bench during the holiday season.

I managed some brief writing at work, but otherwise yeah, only 1200+ when my goal was to cross 50k by the end of today. Since I had such a low daily count, I posted the longest "Favorite Line" of the challenge. Possibly ever. 

But I'm off work today, so hear me roar! I'll be writing up a storm, hence the title of this post. Do you feel it in the air? It's the scent of 50k about to cross my keyboard. My current daily count is merely the calm before that final push. 

Daily Word Count: 1,206 (since last post time, lowest to date. Boo!)

Daily Goody Treat:

Treat bag #14: Alice in Wonderland Post-It flaggies! So cute. Plus my daily medicine (a chocolate truffle) and today's quote card is from William Blake: "Celebrate your existence."

About this year's NaNo, Heat of the Dragon:

For years, Tristan stayed away from his destined mate to protect her from the dragon nature even his native medicine practices can't control. Battling the beast grows harder with each passing day, especially since returning to the town where Jessica is close enough to touch. Her nearness triggers more heat than he can handle, and the spirit of his grandfather warns him that the consequences could be fatal.  Visions of a new threat to Jessica will force him to face the woman he ran from, but how can he save her when he can't tame the fiery dragon lurking inside? 

Book 2 of the Kiss of the Dragon series.

~ *~ * ~ * ~ *~ *~ * ~ *~ 

I'm J. Rose Allister, wife, working mom, and the author of over thirty-five books. Somewhere in between one and the next, I love talking to fellow book lovers. Check out my website at, or visit my Facebook page if you'd like to connect! 

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