Monday, November 26, 2018

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NaNoWriMo 2018 Day 26: Cupcakes and Big Scenes

Daily updates about my experiences doing November's National Novel Writing Challenge.

Day 26
Progress to Date:

Favorite Line(s) Written Today: 
The two men were posturing close to one another now, and Claire stepped in. “We’re all supposed to be on the same side here. Whatever you may think, Tristan, we are trying to help you. You think it’s your decision alone to go off and risk yourself to protect Jessica, but you’re wrong. The two of you are fated to be mates. Together. She has just as much right to decide whether to let you throw everything away because of something you’re afraid might happen.”

Daily Notes:
Following up Saturday's girl's day, family time continued throughout the weekend with more reading aloud from A Wrinkle in Time, and we baked chocolate cupcakes topped with homemade frosting. We usually put up our tree and holiday decorations the weekend after Thanksgiving, but we were having such fun just hanging out that we didn't get around to it.

I made some good progress on the book and jumped in on a group word sprint in the evening while the family was watching documentaries. As soon as the alarm went off this morning, I sat up and started typing. I'm about to have a four-day work stretch, so I'm going to squeak in word count whenever and wherever I can.

Chapter Fifteen is underway, and I'm right on the cusp of the big climatic scene the book has been building to throughout November. I'm still deep in spoiler territory, so there might be a day or two this week without a "Favorite Line." We'll see. Either way, everything seems to be on track for a completion of the novel by month's end, and I couldn't be more excited!

Daily Word Count: 3,685  (since last post time.)

Daily Goody Treat:

Treat bag #26: Another Alice in Wonderland-themed Post-It flaggie pack, this time the Mad Hatter! And along with the daily truffle came this quote card from Oprah Winfrey: "You have a gift that only you can give the world."

About this year's NaNo, Heat of the Dragon:

For years, Tristan stayed away from his destined mate to protect her from the dragon nature even his native medicine practices can't control. Battling the beast grows harder with each passing day, especially since returning to the town where Jessica is close enough to touch. Her nearness triggers more heat than he can handle, and the spirit of his grandfather warns him that the consequences could be fatal.  Visions of a new threat to Jessica will force him to face the woman he ran from, but how can he save her when he can't tame the fiery dragon lurking inside? 

Book 2 of the Kiss of the Dragon series.

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I'm J. Rose Allister, wife, working mom, and the author of over thirty-five books. Somewhere in between one and the next, I love talking to fellow book lovers. Check out my website at, or visit my Facebook page if you'd like to connect! 

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